A Step-By-Step Guide on Fixing Fire Escape Damage

A Step-By-Step Guide on Fixing Fire Escape Damage

  • Posted On: March 12, 2024
  • Posted By: admin

Do you have a rickety fire escape on the verge of giving away? If you walk down the streets of your neighborhood, you will spot many such buildings with a tottering fire escape that screams for help! Though fire escapes are common in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill, they predominantly lack maintenance. 

As a fire safety component, a fire escape is an integral part of any high-rise building. It makes fire escape maintenance NYC mandatory. Firstly, to comply with the building safety codes. Secondly, to keep it accessible and operational during emergencies. 

Being made of iron or steel, fire escapes undergo extensive damage over time. It is essential to fix them to ensure you have a safe living environment. Today, in this post, we have discussed the steps to fix fire escape damage. It will provide you insight into fire escape maintenance solutions NYC

Let’s first learn about the common damage concerns in fire escapes.

Common Fire Escape Damages

Constant exposure to fluctuating temperatures, moisture, dust, and UV rays causes considerable damage to metal fire escapes. These prevalently include:

  • Peeling Paint- Peeling or fading paint is a common phenomenon. Excessive heat and light damage paint over time. It either fades away or peels off from the surface.
  • Flaking or Rusting- Excessive moisture is responsible for fire escape damage, which primarily concerns corrosion. Metals react with water to form oxides, gradually deteriorating the structure. Iron and steel undergo corrosion in the form of rust- a reddish-brown deposit. You will notice flaking of the surface as the problem aggravates.
  • Loosened Joints- It is not uncommon to spot loosened joints in a fire escape. Since metal is welded at the joints, it often becomes corroded over a period. Such loose joints are highly dangerous! It makes the structure unstable.
  • Missing Steps or Railings- Railings and steps are often the worst victims of corrosion! They often disintegrate into pieces or come off from their places.
  • Missing Caulking or Bricks- Fire escapes are attached to buildings’ exteriors. So, loosened bricks, crumbling mortar, and missing caulking are prevalent issues.

Repairing Fire Escapes

Detecting the signs of damage and fixing them promptly is a requisite for fire escape maintenance NYC. Now, how do you fix the damages? 

  • A meticulous inspection is the primary step to repairing a fire escape. Recognize the problem areas to execute the ideal fix. Ensure that you have hired a professional inspector to conduct an inspection.
  • If you have loose bolts or joints, tighten the bolts and weld the joints. Also, remember to check the functioning of the drop ladder to ensure people can safely climb down.
  • For missing bricks and caulking, repair the brick support by replacing old bricks and repointing the joints. Let it dry completely before you proceed to the next step.
  • After the fire escape inspection, if your report says you have peeling paint, flaking, and rusting, scrape off the metal surface thoroughly. You will get rid of old paint and rust deposits, offering a smoother surface.
  • Wash off the debris with a power washer and let your fire escape dry completely.
  • Apply rust-inhibitive primer to the metal surface. Do not leave out any corner!
  • As the primer dries up, then comes painting. Choose an enamel-based paint since it is waterproof. Paint the entire fire escape and not portions of it.
  • Allow the paint to cure before using your fire escape.

Repairing is not nettlesome till you hire professional fire escape maintenance services! In any way, fire escape repair is pivotal for a cleaner and greener environment.