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It is believed that the fire escapes should last as long as buildings do. So, to make that happen, a fire escape inspection NYC by a certified contractor is essential at least once in five years. It is a significant component of the maintenance program and a requisite if ignored, can cost you havoc. Professional intervention to address the condition of your fire escape will assure enhanced safety with an improved living environment.

As one of the leading fire safety inspection companies, we, Fireescape Repair NYC, conduct critical fire escape inspections through state-of-the-art resources and dedicated qualified engineers possessing exemplary skills. We are a licensed and certified fire escape inspection contractor NYC proposing essential services to maintain a structurally sound and functional fire escape. Our team works closely with the building codes for a reliable fire safety system.

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Importance of Fire Escape Inspections

The sole purpose of fire escape inspection NYC is to ensure that it will execute as required during emergencies like fire, earthquake, etc. As an evacuation route, a fire escape intends to save lives and avert extensive damage to the property. Therefore, undergoing regular inspections is a preventive measure and the conscientious responsibility of every building owner. If your fire safety inspection checklist does not conform to state laws, you are liable for penalties and litigations.

Fireescape Repair NYC is your trusted fire escape inspection contractor NYC, inspecting and evaluating the safety standards of all fire escapes through detailed surveys and report demonstrations. We also provide a fire safety inspection certificate if your fire escape meets all the checklists for declaring it safe.

Fire Escape Inspection Services by Us

Being one of the prominent fire safety inspection companies, Fireescape Repair NYC proposes comprehensive solutions to keeping fire escapes fully operational and accessible for emergency evacuation. We perform a thorough investigation of fire escapes by analyzing structural components like bolts, angles, platforms, railings, steps, and posts. To ensure the required fire safety inspection checklist, we also look for metal loss due to corrosion and peeling paints.

For a rigorous fire escape inspection NYC, our engineers focus on the mechanical elements, like pulleys and drop-down ladders and a load test to check for the strength and stability of the structure. At Fireescape Repair NYC, the fire escape inspection cost relies on the type of construction, size, complexity, location, and the number of approach points.

How Do We Differ?

Fire escape inspection NYC, proposed by Fireescape Repair NYC, is a thorough approach followed by a detailed report of the findings. We work more than you think! It is more than just a visual inspection of the structure. Our experts provide an in-depth assessment, utilizing various innovative tools and techniques, assuring that every nook and cranny is examined precisely. Based on the citation, we propose customized solutions addressing specific problem areas. You will receive a fire safety inspection certificate if your fire escape complies with the regulations.

Apart from the highly experienced crew at Fireescape Repair NYC, we furnish extraordinary customer support, focussing on developing long-term relationships with our esteemed clients. All our services adhere to local and state laws for optimal benefits and zero negligence. Let us tell you, the fire escape inspection cost quoted by us is the best deal you will discover in the industry.

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    Frequentaky Asked Questions

    • How often should I inspect my fire escape?

      It is always a good idea to inspect your fire escape every five years by a certified professional. However, you can visually check your fire escape regularly to spot any damage.

    • How do I prepare for the inspection?

      If you want an inspection of your fire escape, call us to one of our support experts will schedule an inspection as per your preferences. So, all you need to do is contact us!

    • Will you provide me with the inspection report?

      Yes. We will provide you with a detailed report based on our findings. You will also receive recommended solutions from our experts if your report fails to comply with the fire safety regulations.

    • Do you serve both residential and commercial clients?

      Yes. We at Fireescape Repair NYC offer inspection services to all kinds of industries. Industrial buildings, commercial communities, residential apartments, and other multi-storey buildings- we are there for all fire escape needs.

    • How do I get a fire safety certificate?

      We issue a fire safety certificate to a building owner if the fire escape inspection report qualifies for the safety codes. In other words, our certified inspectors will assess your fire escape and prepare a report. If you pass in the report, we will provide a fire safety certificate.

    • What happens if my inspection report fails?

      You do not have to worry at all if we find your fire escape is unsafe. We have a licensed and qualified team proposing various repair solutions as per the requirements. So, if your report fails, we will fix all the concerns promptly to restore the optimal safety and functionality of your fire escape.