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It is likely to be worried about a decrepit fire escape in your building. It threatens the safety of building occupants apart from inviting penalties and litigations. The New York City Department of Buildings is stringent about maintaining fire escapes. The authority may issue a violation if your fire escape does not comply with the building safety codes. The good news is most fire escapes do not require complete replacement. Fireescape restoration NYC is the easiest and most cost-effective process to reinstate its structural soundness and functionality.

A fire escape can last as long as the building when properly maintained. Unfortunately, owing to its rare usage, its upkeep is seriously neglected, leading to problems like rust and decay. However, until your fire escape breaks loose from the building, you do not require replacing it. Refurbishment or restoration can effectively fix the problem. At Fireescape Repair NYC, we have trained engineers working relentlessly towards preserving dilapidated fire escapes across the city.

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Why Do You Need Fire Escape Restoration?

The fire escape is the safe egress route from a high-rise building during emergencies like fire breakouts, earthquakes, etc. Usually mounted to the exterior of a building and made of steel or wrought iron, fire escapes are highly susceptible to damage. On account of the constant exposure to extreme climate conditions, moisture, and other external elements, these intricately designed structures undergo severe structural and functional changes, compromising the safety of building occupants.

Fire escape restoration NYC becomes essential to replenish the structural and functional efficiency of the same. A decayed fire escape is structurally unstable, feeble, inaccessible and non-functional. It even does not adhere to the building safety standards, causing violations. So, the fundamental purpose of restoring a fire escape is to save it from further defilement and reinstate its architectural and functional condition.

Fire Escape Restoration Services Provided by Us

Equipped with a team of licensed and insured professionals, at Fireescape Repair NYC, we propose comprehensive restoration services. The process begins with a meticulous inspection by a certified inspector, assessing the condition of your building’s fire escape. We look for missing parts like slats, treads, railings, etc. and loose anchorages. Since flaking paint, rust, and sharp metal pieces are clear indications of damage, we ensure all the surface damages are thoroughly scraped off.

Surface preparation is quintessential because it prevents further damage and enables better paint adhesion. Our crew fixes the loose bolts and anchorages by tightening and welding and applies caulking to the joints. Finally, we seal the surface with rust-proof paint. The fire escape restoration cost in NYC relies substantially on the severity of the damage, the complexity of the project, and the labor charge.

Hiring Fireescape Repair NYC for Restoration Services

Boasting a crew of super-talented technicians, Fireescape Repair NYC furnishes proactive solutions utilizing premium-grade resources and innovative technologies. Delivering prompt restoration services, we help mitigate risks posed by dilapidated fire escapes. Our experts ensure your fire escape system adheres to the standard building fire safety codes to help you stay clear of heavy penalties. 

As a reputed and reliable fire escape contractor, we acknowledge the legal liabilities of a building owner in case of unfortunate incidents. Here, our fireescape renovation NYC services focus on enhancing the fire safety standard of your building to avoid accidents and injuries. With sustainable results and peace of mind, you are more likely to enjoy a safer and better living.

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    Frequentaky Asked Questions

    • Do you perform load tests during fire escape restoration?

      As a part of the fire escape restoration process, we provide extensive services assuring your fire escape is structurally and functionally safe and sound. So, yes, we perform a load test to evaluate the constructional stability of your fire escape.

    • Is restoration better than replacement?

      Restoration is the most obvious solution to reinstate the condition of a fire escape. It is a cost-effective and less disruptive solution. However, we may consider a complete replacement if your fire escape breaks loose from the building.

    • When do I need fire escape restoration?

      You should restore your fire escape if you notice damage signs like loose bolts, missing treads, guardrails, sharp edges, flaking paint, and rust. These typically compromise the structural integrity and the efficiency of a fire escape.

    • Do you paint a fire escape during restoration?

      The cost of certification of fire escapes depends considerably on the size, complexity, and local authority requirements.

    • Are you licensed to conduct inspections?

      Yes, obviously. We apply rust-inhibiting paint after necessary repairs to restrict corrosion.

    • Are you insured?

      Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured company providing services in compliance with local laws.

    • What is the cost of fire escape restoration?

      Essentially, the cost of fire escape restoration varies depending upon the damage extent, project complexities, and labor charges. We can provide an accurate estimate once we have examined the project site.