Fire Escape Certification

Fire Escape Certification by Fireescape Repair NYC

Our fire escape certification comprises inspection and load testing to ensure your building’s fire escape complies with the codes and regulations as enforced by the DOB. The crew at Fireescape Repair NYC is extensively trained, licensed, and qualified to implement the latest tools and techniques necessary to examine the potential problems in your fire escape.

Our team assists you through the entire inspection and certification process so that you enjoy a hassle-free experience and complete peace of mind. With years of experience in the industry, we at Fireescape Repair NYC have proposed numerous fire escape certification services because we value their significance for a secure living. So, without further delay, get your certificate to safety!

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Meet the Fire Safety Standards- Get Certified by the Professionals

When New York cityscape is thronging with high-rises, fire escapes form a crucial element of the building construction code. According to the Department of Buildings (DOB), every tall construction must possess an operational fire escape system for safe egress during an emergency. A fire escape must be accessible and permit absolute functionality. And so, inspections and certification are necessary to ensure you have a safe and structurally sound fire escape.

We at Fireescape Repair NYC have dedicated and licensed experts conducting inspections and presenting a thorough report based on the findings. We provide fire escape certification to property owners possessing a well-maintained and safe fire escape. Our team ensures you stay away from violations!

Why Do You Need Fire Escape Certification?

Fire escape inspections and certification are a mode of evaluating the condition and functionality of the structure. Since fire escapes are installed in the building exterior, they are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions, dirt, pollution, and chemical components. For their limited use, they are often neglected and not maintained properly. Being made of metals like wrought iron and iron, fire escapes are highly susceptible to corrosion. It gradually degrades the structure, resulting in safety failure.

Hence, fire escape certification is necessary to ensure that the framework is structurally sound and stable for improved safety of the building occupants and neighboring properties. However, to receive a certification from an authorized inspector or contractor, meticulous inspections every 5 years are obligatory. 

What Happens If You Do Not Have A Fire Escape Certification?

If you do not have a certification, it implies your fire escape is unsafe and not functional. You possess a high chance of receiving a violation from the DOB. Such violations result in penalties and other litigations. If your fire escape does not meet the standard safety code, you must address the problems immediately. Untreated problems get severe over time, posing life-threatening circumstances. 

At Fireescape Repair NYC, we conduct inspections and perform repair or refurbishment jobs as required. We ensure that your fire escape system is not a hazard but a safety feature! Get inspected and certified today- protect your property from violations! 

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    Frequentaky Asked Questions

    • What is the role of an inspector?

      A qualified inspector examines a fire escape to determine its structural soundness and stability alongside the operational functionality. Utilizing various tools and techniques, he verifies the condition of the structure and prepares a report based on the findings.

    • When can I schedule an inspection?

      If you have not undergone a fire escape inspection in the past five years, then it is time you schedule one now. You can drop us a message or call our customer support at 1300-558-575 to schedule an inspection.

    • Do I get a certificate after inspection?

      After inspection, our site inspector will prepare a report. If your fire escape complies with the standard codes of safety, then you will receive a certificate. But, if the report does not qualify for certification, you must fix the problems and schedule another inspection.

    • What is the cost of certification?

      The cost of certification of fire escapes depends considerably on the size, complexity, and local authority requirements.

    • Are you licensed to conduct inspections?

      Yes. We are a fully licensed team of fire escape specialists. We are authorized to conduct inspections, provide certifications, and offer repair and restoration services.

    • Do I need a permit to repair or refurbish my fire escape?

      Minor repair jobs do not require permits. But for major alterations and refurbishment projects, you will need a permit from the Department of Buildings.