How Often Do Fire Escapes Need To Be Inspected In New York?

  • Posted On: September 14, 2023
  • Posted By: fireescape

The buzzing and vibrant streets of New York are thronged with tall skyscrapers and individual buildings, emerging as popular neighborhoods. Most of the early constructions have fire escapes as emergency evacuation routes, making fire escape inspection an indispensable act of preventive measure. The New York City Fire Code is extremely stringent about the maintenance and proper functioning of the fire escapes to ensure enhanced safety for the building occupants and protect a property’s structural integrity.

With more than 200,000 fire escapes in the City, it accounts for unsafe living conditions when these metal structures are highly degraded or extensively corroded. The scenario is scary enough since it also compromises the safety of pedestrians and road traffic in a significant way. Imagine walking under a fire escape when a loose step suddenly collapses and falls on you! It can be a life-threatening accident!

Thus, a certified fire escape inspection contractor NYC must evaluate the structure and execute necessary actions. A rickety and dilapidated fire escape is a menace to everything and everyone in the surrounding area. 

Why Do You Need Fire Escape Inspection?

A fire escape inspection is mandatory because of the following reasons:

  • Safety Measures- The fundamental purpose of inspecting fire escapes is to keep them accessible, safe, and operational during emergencies. Inspection is a part of maintenance where the condition of a fire escape is evaluated thoroughly to assess the flaws and address the problems immediately. Loose treads, guardrails and steps or peeling paint; each of these issues is responsible for the gradual decay of the structure. However, you must contact only a licensed fire escape inspection contractor NYC for the effective execution of the procedure.
  • Adherence to Law- The Department of Buildings (DOB) in NYC focuses on optimal safety of fire escape systems across the City. So, compliance with the fire safety inspection checklist is a requisite to avoid violations and penalties. The authority can take legal action if your fire escape system is unsafe and is a threat rather than a refuge!

The fire escape inspection cost relies substantially on the applied technique. It can extend to several thousand dollars. 

How Often Is Fire Escape Inspection Necessary?  

Fire escape inspection, as coded by the City law, must be performed every five years by a certified professional. It applies to all residential, commercial, and industrial units across the City. It aids in preventing fire escape failure during crises while safeguarding lives and properties.

The inspection procedure includes:

  • Scheduling an inspection by the authority inspectors or an approved professional contractor specializing in the field. 
  • Submission of FISP (Fire Inspection and Safety Program) report to the DOB.
  • The FISP filer must be a QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector) or an RDP (Registered Design Professional).
  • If the fire escape inspection report fails, it is necessary to perform the repairs as required. 
  • Once the repairs are done, a report is filed acknowledging the fact. 
  • Conforming to the information provided, if the fire safety inspection checklist complies with the code, you receive a certification from the authority.

After each inspection, FISP filing is obligatory to ensure your fire escape system is certified and safe.


Irrespective of whatever the fire safety inspection cost is, as a responsible building owner, you must not ignore the significance of maintaining the fire escape. To retain an overall secure environment, you must ascertain your emergency landings!