Types of Issues that Cause Fire Escape to Need Repair

  • Posted On: September 8, 2023
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Fire escapes have been a crucial part of multi-storey buildings for a long time. These are designed as an evacuation route through the exterior of a building when the use of an internal stairwell during a fire breakout becomes impossible. Emergencies like a fire or earthquake create a chaotic scenario, and it becomes dangerous to stay inside the building. So, for decades, fire escapes have helped in saving lives and causing less damage to properties.

However, the structure may fail due to inadequate fire escape repair or negligence in addressing the damages promptly. Thus, the lack of repair and maintenance has compromised its functionality in various ways. Walking through the streets of New York City, you can often spot an old, rickety fire escape dangling from a building that is not only an eyesore but threatening. You would probably skip the risk of walking under it. What if the structure collapses suddenly? The thought itself is horrendous.

Hence, fire escape repair service is mandatory, and the City authority is pretty strict about it. As a code of fire safety, every building owner is responsible for the proper maintenance of the fire escape to keep it operational and accessible. You may receive a violation if you do not call a fire escape repair contractor NYC to fix the issues.

Common Problems of Fire Escapes

The steel or wrought iron structures are susceptible to damage and require fire escape repair. Since these structures are installed on the exterior of a building, they are exposed to harsh weather conditions, including temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemical elements, and pollution. Thus, damage is inevitable, making fire escape repair service a prerequisite for ensuring optimal safety.

So, what are the various types of issues?

  • Corrosion- How can a metal surface escape the harmful impact of moisture? Corrosion is bound to happen in metal as it comes in contact with moisture (in any form). Metal oxidizes, losing its structural stability. You call it rust when it occurs in steel or iron. Rust, the reddish-brown flaky substance, degrades the surface, causing gradual disintegration. So, corrosion or rust is prevalent in a fire escape which is the primary cause behind structural instability and weakening. The fire escape repair cost for rust removal depends on the severity and projected area.
  • Separated Welds- The fire escape system is held together by welding. With time, the welded parts gradually become loose or get separated. It results in unstable stairs and platforms, unreliable guardrails, and loose metal parts. You have an inaccessible and unsafe fire escape.
  • Peeling or Flaking Paint- The oil or enamel-based paint used in a fire escape acts as a protective barrier from moisture impact. When the paint starts coming off, your fire escape becomes more vulnerable to damage. Hence, painting is a critical form of fire escape repair.
  • Cracked Bricks and Mortar Joints- A fire escape is attached to a building through mortar joints. Continuous freeze-thaw cycles cause cracks in these joints along with the surrounding bricks. It is a severe threat as your fire escape may collapse suddenly. 
  • Drop Ladder Failure- The drop ladder may not be operational due to lack of maintenance, causing jamming. In such a scenario, fire escape repair becomes necessary to ascertain its use and functionality. 

To Conclude

Repairing a fire escape is a significant responsibility of a building owner to ensure a secure environment for the occupants. No matter what the fire escape repair cost is, ignoring repair can lead to havoc consequences. A frail, degraded fire escape is no less than a life threat!