Things to Check During a Fire Escape Inspection

Things to Check During a Fire Escape Inspection

  • Posted On: April 13, 2024
  • Posted By: admin

Did you ever wonder what happens if you get trapped in a building fire? Will you scream out for help or look for an escape route? We really hope you do not ever encounter such a situation, but there is nothing wrong to contemplate the worst scenario and be prepared to face it. Right?

So, considering the stated circumstance, you will most likely take the fire escape for safe egress from the building. It is the same for anyone living in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, and Richmond Hill because most high-rises have fire escapes. 

As we say to be prepared for the worst scenario, it begins with a fire escape inspection NYC. To ensure your building complies with the fire safety code, regular inspections are mandatory. Since structural and functional damage to fire escapes are common, professional inspection at least once a year is necessary.

So, what to look for during a fire escape inspection? We have discussed it in this blog so that you understand the solemnity of the task. Let’s get started.

Fire Escape Inspection: The Ultimate Checklist

NYC fire escape inspections are conducted by authorized personnel who are professional inspectors licensed to perform an inspection. As a building owner, you are responsible for keeping your fire escape accessible and operational. A non-functional fire escape compromises the safety of the building occupants. 

Here is a complete checklist of a fire escape inspection:

  • Accessibility- Nobody can deny that fire escapes are most often piled with movable and immovable stocks. Flower pots, old furniture, broken or unused utensils, etc., we have so many things to stock up on the fire escape route. Thus, inaccessibility is one of the fundamental factors fire escape inspectors look out for. Complicated escape routes are responsible for most fire deaths. A fire escape must be free from clutter so anybody can access it even during the rain or darkness!
  • Stability- From the attachments to structural stability, fire escape inspection NYC focuses on the overall condition of the structure. Fire escapes are external additions to buildings. The attached section must be tightly secured so the fire escape must not wobble with footsteps. It poses a high risk of trips and accidents, especially during emergencies like fires, earthquakes, etc.
  • Strength- Engineers perform load tests to determine the strength or load-bearing capability of a fire escape. Fire escapes that are structurally weak can collapse under heavy weight. A load test affirms the soundness of a fire escape.
  • Structural Defects- Evidently, during an inspection, the fire escape is thoroughly examined to determine structural defects. Such defects may include rust or corrosion, missing guardrails or treads, loose joints, peeling paint, etc. Such damage compromises the safety standard. Hence, it is pivotal to fix fire escape damage promptly to skip unfortunate incidents.
  • Functionality- What is the point of having a fire escape if it is not operational? However, the lack of usage and maintenance results in a jammed ladder which connects to the ground. It means you have a fire escape that does not function. It is again a problem that must be rectified.


No matter what the fire escape inspection cost is, you must not neglect it. An inspection is the first step to maintaining your fire escape which is essential to enhance the fire safety standards in your building. Always hire a licensed professional to optimize benefits!